Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mark Udall's Problem - People Noticed Him

Republican candidate for Colorado Senate, Bob Schaffer, is closing the gap on ultra-liberal Mark Udall, says the latest Rasmussen Poll.

Mark Udall had spent time, money, and man-power to jump out to an early lead in the Centennial State Senate Race, airing commercials allowing him to get name recognition...unfortunately for Mark Udall, once people know you, they want to know about you!

Mark Udall had a very poor showing in the televised Schaffer v. Udall debate, held in Republican Strong Douglas County. Regardless of the spin that the Udall campaign attempted to put on the debate, the voters of Colorado who took notice of the debate saw each candidate for who they were and what they truly stood for.

Bob Schaffer revealed to the viewers the reason that we were in Iraq... a pro-invasion bill that excited the conservatives and made the liberals uneasy - then noted that it was penned by the Liberal candidate, Mark Udall. The body language of Mark Udall screamed defeat. And the voters noticed.

As the race continues, Mark Udall is going to be plagued by an electorate that is being made more aware of what the implementation of his type of policies would really mean for America. He is going to have to deal with the media fall-out from the Democratic National Convention, and more importantly he is going to have to explain to the Colorado Voters how a Colorado Democrat differs from a San Francisco Democrat, hoping that they buy that load and ignore the fact that in D.C. they are both working towards the same ends. Now that the campaigns are in full swing, Mark Udall is quickly realizing that he is going to have an uphill battle in pulling the wool over the eyes of the voters in Colorado.

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