Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mourning Israel

Though my heart goes out to the families of Regev and Goldwasser, I am truly in mourning for the state of Israel.

The policies in place for the Jewish country have led to a tactic of kidnapping in order to force lopsided prisoner exchanges, such as the one we have just been witness to. However, as we have seen during the Pomp and Circumstance for the returned Lebanese murderers, such policies are merely propaganda for the emboldened enemy.

Israel is a country that desires peace. It is a country that has been under siege since the British pulled out, leaving the fledgling country in charge of it's own fate. And her people... her people are resolved to live in a country of their ancestors, under rule of law, in peace with their neighbors.

The hate filled policies of muslims within and from beyond the borders of Israel make peace a distant dream. Where Israeli citizenship, voting rights, and even equal opportunity for success has been granted to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike, they have been met with hatred, terror and murder. Call it racism, call it religionism, call it what you will... The muslims in the middle east have no moral ground for their struggle. They have been invited to live in a society offering opportunity for all under a largely secular government. Instead they choose violence.

What is worse is that Israel has seemingly lost her resolve, as a country, and the enemy smells blood. The muslims celebrate the continued murder of innocent Israelis, dancing on the graves of their fellow man. It may be that the battle for resolve is being lost, though I hope and pray otherwise.

In the mean time, I mourn the loss of the Israeli soldiers, the loss of Israeli resolve, and the loss of progress in the middle east.

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  1. It is the Christians in Palestine who suffer most from Israel. Don't you ever forget that when you go on defending a racist State led mostly by atheists and inspired by secular socialist terrorists.

    I've been to Bethlehem and seen the bullet holes in the Church of the Nativity. Have you?

    And the grass was greener on the settlement side of the fence. That's because much of the precious water supply is diverted away from Bethlehem.

    Don't you ever wonder why most Lebanese Christians appear to have approved of Hizbollah's defence during the vicious war Israel inflicted on Lebanese civilian infrastructure (with a killing ratio of 10:1 and far higher proportion of civilian deaths)?