Monday, November 12, 2007

Using US freedom to take down the US?

The World Net Daily released an article on Saturday, outing a Washington D.C. Imam who has been openly discussing his plan to destroy the US government and replace it with the Islamic State of North America by the year 2050.

Imagine that. They or their parents/grandparents immigrate to this country... the land free of oppression, open to all who want to live a life in the pursuit of whatever makes you happy. And once they get here, they decide that they don't approve of how everyone else is living, and plan to change it into an oppressive land, just like the one they fled.

What I don't understand about Muslims is why do you think that your religion trumps any other? What has your religion done to your society? The Middle East was the cradle of civilization, but has since become a cesspool of violence and non-advancement. The cause? Islam!

Now you see that the world has begun doing something great for humanity! We are advancing science, technology, space travel, free enterprise, art, and other various forms of culture... and your only answer is to "Behead those who insult islam"... Your instinct is to destroy advancements, destroy progress...

And the audacity to openly share your plans to take over our free land...

That is exactly why I am a gun owner. This is the very reason that my children will be well trained in current firearm use. And this is the reason that you will have one hell of a fight on your hands.

Your Religion of Peace is nothing more than a plague on this great world. As with any plague, you can only survive if you spread... and as with any plague, it is up to those who do not wish to be infected to protect ourselves.

I, for one, will not live to see a day where Islam trumps the freedoms of the US. I will surely give my life to protect the US against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that would strive to destroy the greatest experiment in self-government and freedom that the world has ever known.

So I say to As-Sabiquin... bring it on you crazy sons-of-bitches! It will be my pleasure to make an example out of you!

*As a note to my readers, I apologize for the harsh words, but I have such trouble believing that this can be taking place in the US, and no-one is daring to stand up and speak out... well, let me be among the first!

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  1. Very well said! Ya don't have to apologize to this reader about your language.
    When ya put it that way about guns, I think I want to get a gun. I have always been pro-second amendment, just never thought I personally had a need for a gun. But you have really got me thinking.
    Nor have I ever really realized how much of a threat Islamofacism until you have recently brought up the issue and links.