Monday, November 5, 2007

Talking to an Iranian...

I recently had an online discussion with an Iranian citizen, and my how interesting it was. The most interesting aspect of it was the discussion regarding Israel and her existence. Of course we talked about Nukes, US/Iran war prospects, who would win and how... all the things that you would expect one nationalist discussing online with another, but from opposing countries.

One thing in particular caught my attention, and inspired this blog. It was during the discussion of Israel. He was trying (poorly) to form an argument in support of the Palestinian rebellion in Israel, while I was rebutting with his own words about people being allowed to live in a land and govern themselves... He made a statement that really helped explain the mindset of Hamas, Syria, and the Iranians...

He said, "We do not hate the Jews, just the Zionists".

So they don't have a problem with Jews, just Jews that choose to govern themselves.

I sat in meditation on this statement, and am continuously astounded by the backwards (il)logic that is in the mind's of these people... Everyone deserves to be free, and govern themselves... unless they choose to do so in a way that is un-islamic...

The statement that he made is "common sense" in Iran... and the fact that he said it so un-apologetically is frightening... not frightening to the effect that I am afraid of Iran, but to the effect that you can kill a man, but it is meaningless unless you can kill the ideology...


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  1. hi.
    honestly you must be wise enough to understand that an individuals personal ideas doesnt represent the nation's. i am an iranian citizen with a different point of view than the one you talked to. if you ever read this email me and we could have a discussion. i might be able to answer some of your questions and shed some light upon your idea of iranian people and their common sense.
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