Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How free do I want to be?

One of my favorite topics to discus is the philosophy of politics. More importantly the founding principles of a free society versus the Marxist philosophies of socialism. Are we a people destined to be free from forced obligation, or are we sure to fall into the hallows of socialism?

Socialism states: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

This philosophy means that if I am a doctor, I am obligated to serve every sick or injured person, regardless of my professional desires. If I am a baker, I am obligated to give my bread away to the poor. If I am an automaker, I am obligated to provide automobiles to anyone in need of transportation.

There is no free choice, no free market, no reason to dream or to invent. I cannot save for a vacation, because my desires to explore are outweighed by the poor's need for money... so if I have the ability to pay for my neighbors dinner, I am forced into that obligation.

That is no way to live.

The philosophy of freedom states: Need does not necessitate right.

This means that if I am a doctor I have the choice to treat your ailments. If I am a baker, I can choose to offer my bread at $2 a loaf, and you are free to find a better priced bread. If I am an automaker, I can build as many cars as I can afford, and you have the choice to negotiate a price with me, or to take your business somewhere else.

Not that materialism should be the focus of life, but as a society, we are at least in the need of the basic material items: Clothes, food, shelter. So in the least, we are free to choose which clothes to purchase, or if we make our own... we are free to purchase the food we wish, or to grow it ourselves for ourselves... we are free to live where we please, at a price that is negotiated between the owner and the renter/buyer. The key difference is choice.

So when the federal government requires upwards of 40%-50% in taxes, there are government regulations on what I need to do to work in a profession, and the government officials are now talking about forcing me to participate in a socialized health care system... well, I begin to question how free I actually am.

Are we a people who choose to live in a society of freedom and choice, or are we electing representative who further strip away our right to personal choice?

We are officially less than one year away from electing our next president. Keep these questions in mind as we move forward to select our representatives. Who is going to ensure freedoms, and work to get back the freedoms that have been lost? Who is going to fight to make government less of a spectator sport, and more of a full contact profession as it relates to our personal lives?

Ask yourself... how free do I want to be?


  1. The government requires fifty to sixty percent of your taxes because they use it to build weapons, and because they give away billions in federal money to large corporations. Taxpayers must then replenish this money, so in effect, the government gives your tax money to the rich. As a reward, the rich have shed three-million manufacturing jobs from this nation. So in effect, the rich were paid to take jobs from the middle class and poor, even as they gave CEO, who were already rich, multimillions dollar pay raises. Welfare for businesses is many times that spent on social programs. Social program expenditures have fallen, in actuality or when adjusted against inflation, every year. Yet the U.S. has built up a record debt. The facts the facts, my boy. Blame it on the greedy rich, not the helpless poor.

    note: I give you permission to delete this comment. It'll give you a chance to delete the truth like the people you support ;)

  2. J. saralan - You assume that I edit free speech on my blogs! Shame on you...

    I am not blaming the poor, rather I am warning against the perils of socialism that is sure to drastically increase spending on social programs, like Hillary-care, dwarfing any spending on military and defense!

    I am not advocating Republican OR dDemocrat in this blog, yet you assume that I am advocating for a party or candidate. I am, in fact, advocating for a philosphy of freedom... this does not mean redistribution of wealth...

    Regardin pay gaps, the people should be outraged, and we should demand lower pay for our CEOs... yet we are calm as hindu cattle... subdued by the overbearing government...

    And I LOVE that you call the poor "helpless"... everyone has the freedom to help themselves. It is your kind of thinking that propels this backwards kind of thinking, and continues to make people more and more dependant on government handouts.

    Feel free to educate me on the "facts" again... you did so well... I give you a blue star!

    Do you have a blog, or just anonymous name? I would love to read some of your thoughts.

  3. Steve and J. Saralan - I am glad to see some opposing views on here! While I tend to agree with Steve, there is no democracy without discussion. Please comment again!