Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Iraq war to end in 2008? "Yes" says Iraqi Government

The Iraqi Government is on the verge of ending the war for us! That's right! A political solution that very much resembles that of Japan and Germany in the post WWII era (less the Berlin wall).

According to this article, the Iraqi government is requesting an official end to foreign peacekeepers in their country, the removal of all UN sanctions against the country that no longer apply, and a continued US presence in the country for stability.

What does this look like? Well, it looks similar to Germany and Japan, where the US sets up bases outside of and away from major cities, giving the government some independent legitimacy, while at the same time ensuring no threats on the sovereignty of Iraq.

Such a move means that the combat phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom may be over by the end of 2008. Setting up bases and standing down combat operations is the only logical way to conclude the war and maintain stability in the nation.

This could also change the entire tone of the 2008 Presidential elections. The discussion of bringing all the troops home has always been laughable because a power vacuum would ensure civil war and genocide based on religious warfare... and furthermore, splitting the nation into three sovereign nations was even worse of a plan. But now, with invitation of the Iraqi people, the presence of American bases, as well as the continued training of Iraqi security forces and support of their local economy, Iraq has taken the initiative needed to truly be a free society. No politician can argue that this is a bad idea... except Ron Paul who does not believe that we should deploy peaceful troops around the world for stability reasons...

I am curious as to why this is not getting more air time?!? Perhaps the news agencies are waiting until the actual requests are filed in the next month to the UN. Or perhaps this is part of the "ignore the good news, report the bad" program that the MSM has been following for years.


  1. Odds are they aren't taking it seriously because every year of the war, the Iraqi government has told the media they would reach a solution "next year."

    I personally doubt the solution will materialize.


  2. Understood... but this is coming at a time when there is relative peace across the country, and the governemnt can actually start looking ahead to how they want the future of their country to look. They can't expect the US combat efforts to continue indefinately... so I think this is the most robust plan yet, and at a time when it may actually work!