Thursday, September 9, 2010

On the Ropes

Obama and the Democrats are in trouble, whether they admit it or not. Polling in Washington State now indicates that Republican (moderate) Rossi is going to win in November over liberal Democrat incumbent, Patty Murray. Murray cannot poll over 45%, and is showing horribly in the democratic strong-hold of Seattle's King County. Washington state was supposed to be a safe democrat seat, was moved to a toss-up seat, and is looking more and more like a seat that is leaning republican.

Barbara Boxer is also in trouble. The latest debate between incumbent California Democrat Boxer and Republican challenger Fiorina was nothing more than a Boxer mud-slinging fest, trying to defame the successful HP former executive. Boxer's numbers dropped following the debate putting Fiorina ahead for the first time in that race.

Across the nation, not only are Liberal Democrats losing to moderate Republicans, they are losing in droves to Conservative Libertarian Republicans (Liberty Republicans), such as Joe Miller in Alaska, Marco Rubio in Florida, and Rand Paul in Kentucky. Democrats are losing Governorships to staunch Libertarian Conservatives - and Oregon, the longest consecutive held Democratic Governorship in the US, is bearing witness to a massive GOP win in the polls, and an expected GOP win in Nov.

Recent polling also indicates that the GOP will take over the House of Representatives, removing the giant gavel from Pelosi, and replacing many ultra liberals with some very staunch libertarian conservatives.

The Democrats are on the ropes, taking body punch after body punch. They are bloody, bruised, and about to hit the mat.

Let us hope that with the GOP comes Liberty. Let us hope that with that liberty we fix our borders, free our states from the fed, audit the Federal Reserve, and end corporate strangleholds and government monopolies over food processing, banking, industry, and housing. My prayer is that the GOP of 2010 is one of founding principles, small government, and libertarian principles - Goldwater Republicanism. Even more, my hope is that we do a great job as a majority party so that we can continue the libertarian march through 2012 and fix this mess we are in!


  1. It remains to be seen whether the incumbent Republicrats are paying attention to the People's cries for conservative measures, lower taxes, a restraint on government, and liberty.

    I don't doubt that the Tea Party-backed folk will do their darnedest ... but let's see if those who remain after the election will go in this new direction.

  2. The biggest danger to our liberties may not come from Republicans poised to take over Congress, but rather from pessimistic Libertarians who fail to stand behind those Republicans.

    Remember when Pres. Bush proposed privatizing Social Security, and was hammered brutally from Democrats and the liberal media. The Libertarian Bush bashers could not bring themselves to defend Bush in their time of need.

    I fear the same will happen when the GOP takes over from Pelosi and Reid. They'll propose some moderate libertarian ideals, they'll get hammered by the liberals, and the Libertarians will still bash the GOP for not being "hardline enough."

    With those sorts of attitudes, we'll never win.

  3. The reason Barrack Obama is not worried about his legacy or even if he is reelected is because he knows Republicans better than conservatives do.

    The Republicans systematically sold their voting base out slowly but surely year after year after their election in 1994. They were given the opportunity of a lifetime to make good on decades of promises, and they for the most part didn't deliver.

    Think of it this way: Prior to Bill Clinton being elected, we as a nation could only look back at the Nixon Presidency to reflect on what an individual lacking in character could do to the Presidency. Yet, by the time Clinton became President - no amount of lying or lack of sincerity on his part was really taken seriously.

    Ten or fifteen years ago, someone like Barrack Obama - with communist ties, belonging to a church with a racist pastor and consorting with a domestic terrorist - would have been someone whom a politician would deny even knowing. Now, he's the President. Looking back at this in this light must make Gary Hart pissed as hell.

    Like his political viability, Obama is banking on the fact that America has been pushed so far to the left and the private sector so horrifically ripped apart at the seams and the government given so much power - that even if Republicans begin to deliver on their promises - the watered down results of their historical tendency to compromise too much and too often will still result in an America farther to the left after their time in office expires and the political pendulum swings back left again.

    I do not think Republicans will repeal Obamacare, which is why I plan on protesting government all the louder and with increased vigor if they are somehow blessed witha second chance at power they absolutely do not deserve.