Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's a Tea Party Year!

Delaware is the latest stomping ground for the Tea Party, where establishment candidate Rep. Castle was handily beaten by Tea Party favorite and political newcomer, O'Donnell. This, as the GOP establishment says, puts the state of Delaware in jeopardy for a very secure senate seat - however, now that the GOP has been proven wrong at the polls, the people of Delaware are going to respond to O'Donnell positively... and the GOP establishment is going to have plenty of crow to eat! RCP has moved Delaware into the "likely Dem" category from "likely GOP" based on old polling, but rest assured that O'Donnell's stock is going to rise tomorrow, and those numbers are going to change!

Across the nation, from Alaska to Delaware, we are seeing establishment candidates fall to the no-name citizen army candidates. We, the people, have mounted a fierce battle, and come November we are going to see a solid core group of Conservative Senators that WILL move the Senate back in line with the constitution.

Joe Miller, Alaska
Ken Buck, Colorado
Sharon Angle, Nevada
Rand Paul, Kentucky
Marco Rubio, Florida
Mike Lee, Utah
Christine O'Donnell, Delaware

This is not a regional flux. The left can not blame this on the rednecks clinging to their guns and bibles in the south. They cannot blame this on the isolated and out of touch separatists in the frozen hills of Alaska. This is a national movement - state by state, election by election, incumbents were felled by their constitutionalist rivals. Called extremists by their foes for drawing a line in the sand and saying, "On behalf of the American People, NO MORE", they have become the generals in the people's army... Not Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin... Nay... those whose necks are on the line, and who are in a position to win, win big, and change the debate in the US Senate.

Even in New Hampshire, as I write this, are we witnessing a HUGE night for the Tea Party, where a Palin-backed candidate is losing to the will of the Tea Party movement, indicating that, in fact, it is not her party (as I stated above), rather the party of the people.

Add the name Ovide Lamontagne from NH to the list above, and with the right campaigning across the board we can add 8 staunch constitutional conservatives to the US Senate, where a few constitutionalists eek out an existence, and you have got a solid 10% of the entire US senate as a hardcore constitutionalist voting block... My eyes are getting moist just thinking about it - it really is beautiful - in my lifetime! (imagine the irony of an American being happy that 10% of the senate is going to follow the constitution!)

With that said, there are a few hard races:
1. Angle (who is now tied with Reid in NV) must win to knock out the Majority Leader of the Senate. She is holding her own this early out, which is a very bad sign for Reid, who's own son has stopped using his last name in his campaign for governor of NV due to bad name recognition. (I love it!)
2. Rubio has a good lead on Independent Charlie Crist in Florida, but Crist is an old dog at the political game. Fortunately for the TP movement, Crist's numbers are beginning to nosedive, and he may have peaked too early for this three man race.
3. Miller in Alaska is plagued by a raging case of the "incumbents" - like syphilis which is supposed to go away with penicillin, the incumbent is supposed to go away after losing the primary. However, his mild rash, Murkowski, is floating every possibility to attempt to get on the ballot and give this race to the Dems.
4. O'Donnell in Delaware was a major victory, a major upset, and a major challenge moving forward into November. Donate $20, now, to her campaign. Call the Delaware GOP and tell them to immediately support and endorse her. She needs the bump to keep the state, and she is the kind of leader the GOP needs in the Tea Party wing.

It's a tea Party night, and it will be a tea Party year. The GOP and America have much to celebrate. The pendulum is swinging toward our constitution!


  1. Tea Party did look great yesterday. Showed a lot of dems, and Republican heirarchy too for that matter, how strong the tea party movement really is. Out grass rooted Obama, but the media will never admit it. Nice blog/post.