Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alaskan Libertarian Party Offers Nomination to Murkowski?

Did I miss something? Liberal Republican incumbent Murkowski was offered a nomination by the Libertarian Party of Alaska if she could not overcome Tea Party candidate Joe Miller's 2.5% primary election lead. Other than to ensure a possible Libertarian (in name only) Senator, I cannot, for the life of me, guess as to why they would do this. Why would the Libertarians endorse an established know-nothing RINO?

It is such a crazy story that we are talking about it down here in Seattle!


  1. The article to which you linked says the Libertarian Party is "open to it" ... not that they had done any such thing. Further, her remark about it being "way, way too early" was in response to a question about running as an independent. That clip was played on the local news.

    I think the Seattle Times has jumped the gun ... or is it the shark?

  2. Thanks for filling me in! I knew that something was fishy. I never trust the Seattle Times, and this is why... poor reporting, poor journalism, and half truths...

    Funny that they used the "way way way too early" line as if it was her response to the (L) Party.

    I still stand in confusion as to why the Libertarians would even consider it!

  3. For the (updated) record, there's an article on the local NBC affiliate's website which basically says speculation is "rampant" and that the Libertarians would welcome Murkowski. In other words, repeating what your local paper said, with a bit less misdirection. But only a bit.