Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Heart Sank When the Video Reached One Hour

Always the skeptic, I enjoy conversation and research into the unexplained. A friend sent me a link to a video that I watched, skeptically, for a full hour and thirty minutes. I watched it again, and once more. Three times I watched the following video. As an engineer I solve problems. I put together pieces of data and draw conclusions based on evidence. What I saw in this video triggered something in my engineering mind... it made sense.

The following video is the most complete, most detailed, and most professionally testified accounts surrounding the September 11th attacks that I had ever seen. What is more, there are aspects of the day that I had never even heard before - most notably around the one hour mark... what I heard here changed my life, my way of thought. What was a morbid curiosity has now become something else.

I ask one honest thing. Watch the video in its entirety. Do not skip around. Do not comment during the video. Listen to every testimonial, every piece of evidence presented. Once the video is over, honestly answer the question: Were there a few things that seemed TOO coincidental to you?

I don't believe in coincidence... I only believe in the truth... Now, I am not so sure what the truth is...

I make it a policy not to trust my government... now more than ever. My eyes are open.


  1. I won't watch this, Steve Nielson.


    1) I can only stand so much;

    2) It doesn't even matter whether or not the "truthers" are right.

    Look, Jefferson and any number of his contemporaries would be shocked that we didn't all take up arms when DC wanted to tax whiskey, or when the 14th Amendment was passed and ratified, or when the Volstead Act became statutory and constitutional law, or when FDR pushed through his New Deal, or when FDR's court, in keeping with the agenda of Lincoln and the Radical Republicans, made the Constitution a national document rather than a federal one.

    Et cetera, ad nauseam.

    I don't waste my time with Alex Jones or the truthers. I already know there are high and mighty conspirators who would trash the Founders' republic for their own gain.

    I just don't presume to know the specifics of it all.

    From the little bit of reading I've done on 9/11, I can't say whether or not there was something else involved other than the towers coming down as a result of the planes.

    But I DO believe that both certain Muslims and certain American Jews and the Israelis (you know, that Zionist Porn State over there) knew what was coming, each of them cheering it on for their own contradictory and pathological causes.

    Which is why I believe, along with Michael Scheuer, that we should wish a plague on both their houses, and get the hell out of the Middle East.

    Or Founding Fathers warned us against "foreign entanglements." Let us follow through on their advice, and while we're at it, let us take down the "American" powers that be which profit from it all.

    Screw the State of Israel.

    Screw Saudi Arabia and all worshippers of Mahound's transmogrified Arabian moon god.

    Screw the neocons.

    Screw Wall Street.

    Screw the Federals.

    Long live localist, confederalist America, and long live liberty.

  2. Here is my take on this:

    I have watched this video before and looked at other sites claiming to show that 9/11 was a government conspired event.

    I would highly recommend looking at this site...

    I came to the conclusion long ago that the entire 9/11 "truther" movement was nothing more than a vehicle engineered by liberals in an attempt to undermine the historical nature of 9/11, the subsequent response of our country and the very real threat of Islamic terrorism.

    There have even been specials on HBO and other cable networks that have documented and debunked these theories piece by piece - without the hysterics "truthers" have been notorious for.

    While I share Mr. Jones' distrust of Republicans and Democrats - what I will not do is effectively let Islam off the hook by buying into this engineered farce of a movement.

    Here is the truth: Islam - long before 9/11 - regarded America as a nation of Infidels and heathens that was not entitled under Islamic beliefs to coexist with theirs. They tried to take down the WTC in 1993 and failed - vowing to try again. They tried again and succeeded using a different method, taking advantage of a lack of security brought about by political pressures to prevent the screening necessary to avoid it. In short - 9/11 was an event that not only could have been easily avoided, but was also enabled by politically correct, feel-good diversity policies that compromised the safely of law-abiding citizens in exchange for presenting a false notion of safety and security that simply did not exist.

    "Truthers" are made up of a combination of intellectually dishonest frauds and disaffected kooks living on the mental fringes of normality. There's your truth.

  3. Patzer - I've seen other videos and photos and usually scoffed, but working with linear ordnance, and seeing a few compelling arguments here for WTC7 etc made me stop and think. As well, the security shutdown the weekend prior to 9/11 was news to me. I am going back and looking at evidence, and am asking questions. There are multiple truths embedded in this series of events, from before 9/11 until now. There is a direct threat against Americans - True. That threat comes from both inside and outside the US - True. Our government is working overtime to undermine liberty at home while waging wars abroad - True. The wars abroad fuel aggression against Americans from foreign sorces - True.

    In short, there are a whole lot of ingredients in this pie. Which leads me to Jonesie's statements.

    Jonesie -

    Your sentiment of not getting tangled in the truthers cause is shared by me, and has been for some time. I usually say "so what"... I know who my enemies are, and you listed a pretty good bunch of them in your post. I just felt compelled to share the video, the shock that it had on me, and my disgust with the confusion and secrecy surrounding all the facts of the day... Too many coincidences to simply brush aside.

    As such, I don't consider myself a 'truther', per se - but I am further distrusting of anything the government or her large corporate backers present to me.