Thursday, August 5, 2010

Justice Elena Kagan? **UPDATED**

Obama's liberal Senate, including a few cowardly GOP turncoats, have confirmed Elena Kagan as the 112th Supreme Court Justice of the United States. A self proclaimed constitution hating socialist guaranteed to prop up her political ideals and squash liberty, Elena Kagan is yet another lasting blemish on the face of the country left by the Obama administration.

Her extremism, however, moves no power within the court. The court still remains liberty minded 5-4. Kagan is merely a replacement for another long serving liberal activist judge. The board remains unchanged. As such, I have nothing more to say - she will vote left, and there will be no shock to her extremist rulings on any case.

There is something more troubling. We forevermore will have to look at her asexual face amongst the many others in black robes.

Is it too hard to ask for a talented, experienced, attractive politician? The GOP is full of them. I guess the Dems are the party of bitter, unattractive, angry women... not just the "party of women". Not to worry. There are conservative women too. (Nikki Haley, SC Gov. Candidate)

Am I being superficial? Of course. But it is derived from the sheer lunacy of everything else happening at the highest levels of this government. There is no other choice but to laugh!


So I log onto FoxNews and see the following picture:

Obama's Top Economic Advisor, Christina Romer. The photo is not doctored in any way. As much as I am sure she is a nice little socialist with feelings and friends, my original protest over the general 'appearance' of these leading liberal women is further reinforced. To which I have to counter with a leading industry economic savvy businesswoman, and Republican Candidate for Senate in California, Carly Fiorina:

Seriously... Is it too much to ask? I came upon the FoxNews story whilst I ate... not nice, Libs... not nice!


  1. I love your wrap-up ... and laughing with you.

  2. Strong proof that Conservative women are much prettier than the bitter, angry, shrill Dem's!

  3. Ding, Ding, Ding, WINNER post of the day!
    Thanks for saying it,