Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rossi (R) versus Murray (D) – Washington State’s US Senate Race

Survey USA released the first ‘post primary’ poll in Washington State, pitting the top two vote getters against one another for the general election. The poll was funded by local News station, King 5, which reported the results on August 20th – Republican challenger, Rossi, received 52% of the support to incumbent Democrat, Murray’s, 45%. This represents a swing of nearly 20% for Rossi following the outcome of the blanket primary, forcing voters to choose from the top-two primary candidates. Murray received 46% of the votes in the primary – which was in line with her 45% polling numbers.

These numbers are promising and troubling at the same time. Promising for Republicans who, after the primary, are eager to put the state’s US Senate race into national spotlight, and put the seat in play – a seat held by a Democrat for the past 24 years. Troubling, in that Rossi is seemingly working overtime to shun the Tea Party movement. Granted Clint Didier, the Tea Party favorite in WA State this year, is making “demands” on Rossi before he will grant his ‘endorsement’ – the only losing candidate still holding out... and I, for one, would not bow to an opponent’s ‘demands’ – especially Didier’s, who is pressing Rossi to sign a situational resignation which would go into effect should Rossi break his conservative contract with WA voters. A good idea, but a tough approach from the distant Tea Part Candidate.

The bottom line is that Murray is in trouble. This is not the climate for an incumbent liberal democrat to be polling in the mid to low 40’s... It has been said that if Murray can be held to 45% in the polls, that come election day, she could easily be defeated. Rossi has just as much name recognition and popularity in the state as the long time incumbent – Rossi was WA state governor-elect until a court battle and drawn out / twice repeated hand recount threw the election to his opponent by 133 votes statewide.

Early polling numbers are bound to change – but the important item of note is that Murray has had a hard time polling above 46 all season. If Rossi can rightfully tie her to Obama’s economy, to her liberal failings, and her ultra-liberal agenda, the Independent voters in WA State are going to continue to rally behind the candidate who is promising something a little different.

Rossi may not be the preferred Tea Party candidate, but he is the Republican candidate for the general election. He is more likely to vote with conservative bills, though less likely to author them. He is more likely to fight Obama’s agenda, but is less likely to stand out as a true adversary to Obama. He may represent the old hat established GOP in the state and nation, but on election day there are two choices: Rossi or Murray. Through hard work and grassroots efforts, Rossi could be suaded to support true Constitutional legislation – Murray, not a chance...

The choice is clear when all other choices have been eliminated – choose the path of least resistance on the ballot; but do not surrender your voice, your vote, or the power of the movement for mere partisan power. Hold true to conservatism and libertarianism, and press the government to endorse the idea of freedom.

I will vote for Rossi come November... I will do so gladly, because between now and then, and for his full term, I will call, write, and take every attempt to talk to the man directly, ensuring that he knows that freedom is more than just another word for 'nothing left to lose'...


  1. I pray Rossi wins. The pollsters here predict wins for the incumbent Governor and U.S. Senator ... we're still waiting to find out.

  2. Yeah... No results posted yet... guess it takes time when your state is half the size of the entire country! :)

  3. Following the primary, most Tea Party activists are uniting behind Dino Rossi - see the article "Tea Party Activists Endorse Dino Rossi" at http://bit.ly/aZ5mFA

    Also, the latest SurveyUSA poll shows Rossi leading Murray 52% to 45% overall (and 94% to 4% among voters who view the Tea Party movement favorably).

    Steve Beren
    Seattle, WA