Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obama flies to Norway the same day Russia detonates ICBM over country

Russian Nuclear ICBM testing failure over Norway brings into question the timing of the test, occurring on the same day that American President, Barack Obama, heads to the country to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.

The amazing display of the failed test launch, as reported in my earlier article, drew speculation of wormhole devices, alien sightings, and the like. However, what was witnessed was an upper stage failure to a Nuclear Capable ICBM.

Navtex recorded a "No Fly" warning over the Russian White Sea for 0600 - 0900 on 09 December due to rocket launch in the region. For the Russians to deny launching a rocket is simply a lie. It was a planned launch.

The question that I have is simple: Why are the media outlets running the non-story of "mysterious lights over Norway" instead of asking the important questions about Russia's ICBM technologies development, the purpose of launching over Norway when the US President is en-route to that country, and what this means for the Obama administration's stance of eliminating advances in ICBM missile shields.

The media fails to ask those questions - so I will ask them to my readers!


  1. The formerly mainstream media fails to ask any question which conflicts with their skewed view of unreality. "What? Someone shoot at The One? Unpossible!"

    We are increasingly vulnerable to every threat, and they won't mention it until a missile lands in NYC. It's the only city that matters, you know ...

  2. "It's the only city that matters, you know" - which is why I detest it so!

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