Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Photos of the Mysterious Norway Wormhole

Looks like it wasn't the Russians afterall!

Special thanks to all the foil-hatters out there who think this is part of a NWO conspiracy, part of Project Blue Beam, an Alien Invasion, etc. Your constant bombardment of nonsense has led me to the most drastic measure: ridicule. This, my friends, is for you!

Feel free to use this image.


  1. That's FANTASTIC!!! Thank you, my friend.

    And, of course ....

    Resistance is futile.

  2. "Resistance is futile."

    And How! :)

    Thanks for sharing some of the cold arctic weather... but, you can take it back now... 17 degrees in the Puget Sound Area is MUCH colder than 17 degrees in the Rockies... all this extra moisture makes it feel like, well, Anchorage! So, thanks for sharing, but you go ahead and take it back...

  3. The humidity here is actually quite low (average 30%), but I take your point.

    Send it back; we'll take it, no questions asked.

    See how easy that was?