Friday, May 25, 2007

Open Spaces

It is important not only to be conservative with social and economic issues, but also with environmental issues. The Republican Party has been given a bad rap on environmental issues, mainly because of certain blind support for "big business".

I propose a little talked about idea: a Conservative Conservationist movement. Any time you hear talk about an environmentalist, it is usually protrayed in the light of a "tree hugging hippy"... but I would argue that anyone who is NOT environmentally minded should be portrayed in the negative light.

Imagine, if you will, standing on a windy hillside looking out over a beautiful field... nature at it's finest. Your hiking or biking trail winds through the open spaces away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Now, imagine looking to your feet and seeing a piece of trash... a little upsetting... you can pick that up and pack it out...

What if that piece of trash was an old tire, a used oil illegal dump, or something else that is harder to remove... You may feel the same way that I do, a little upset that this moment of beauty is being interrupted as well as the earth being scarred...

Now imagine looking out over that same image and seeing not a rolling hillside of open space, but a housing developement or landfill... something a little more permanent... Now the view has truly been lost, not to mention the wildlife, folliage, etc...

I am not saying that all developement should halt. Rather I am challenging all urban growth to consider, on a wider scale, environmental issues. maintain a larger amount of open spaces. Stop industrial AND personal waste. Make changes on a large and small scale...

It is the way that we think today that will shape the attitudes towards the environment tomorrow. So challenge yourself to take the small steps. If everyone puts forth a little effort, we can maintain our often un-noticed treasures for generations to come!

Please keep this in mind while enjoying a trail, campsite, or even the open road on this Memorial Day weekend!

God Bless!

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