Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update on GOP Senate Fight - Nevada

In my earlier column, Republicans Will Take Senate?, I laid out the logistics behind a senate upset by the GOP, namely in two western states: Washington and Nevada. As of the latest CNN/Time poll, Real Clear Politics shows a tie in the state on average and has moved it into the Republican Victory column in their "No Toss Up" calculations. This means that Real Clear Politics, as of October 6th, does not project Harry Reid as being able to win re-election in Nevada.

Harry Reid is plagued with problems. In the Senate, in Nevada, even in his own home. The man's falling numbers are a direct sign of those troubles. Sharon Angle, Tea Party candidate (and one of the first big wins nationwide in the primaries), is currently tied with Reid at 43.5%, but she has all the momentum heading into October, and she is gaining traction in the polls where Reid is losing everything.

In line with my earlier predictions, I believe Nevada is accurately placed into the (R) column, and will be party to the movement aimed at correcting the focus and reach of our government.

Go Sharon Go!


  1. Reid's gonna lose? DARN the bad luck!

  2. There is no room for sarcasm in this comment section. :)

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