Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Looking Beyond the 2010 Election

We are officially less than two weeks away from election day. By this time in two weeks we will see the largest swing in the US House of Representatives give the conservative bloc of the GOP a large number of seats. We will see headlines of an undeclared Senate, with races in Washington, California, Nevada, and Illinois locked up in recounts or legal battles. The GOP will sweep into state capitols all across the union. We will see an isolated executive who continues to claim that even though the GOP won, HE is still king and the GOP will need to work with him.

But what will this all mean?

There are already reports that the incoming GOP senators are being urged NOT to support a repeal of Obamacare BY THE OUTGOING GOP SENATORS.
Sen. Judd Gregg (N.H.), the top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, said that repealing the new healthcare reform law — or looking to defund it — were not good options.

“I don’t think starving or repealing is probably the best approach here,” Gregg said on the Fox Business Network. “You basically go in and restructure it.”
Meet the new boss same as the old. So what is going to change?

For starters, states are continuing to resist DC. 14 states are crafting legislation to deny anchor babies citizenship if born in their states - a direct affront to the "world citizen" president. 28 states are continuing legal challenges to the unconstitutional Obamacare law in federal courts. So long as the people fight their local governments for increased pressure against DC, we have a change for reform at the state levels.

The GOP gains in the state houses will be most important this year, as a redistricting year. Districts can be redrawn to ensure conservative margins in their congressional districts and state houses.

Colorado may be faced with the GOP as a MINOR party if Dan Maes cannot muster 10% of the vote, elevating the Constitution Party and the Democrat Party as the two major parties for the next four years in the state. If, however, Dan Maes does muster his 10% for Republicans, he is guaranteeing the governorship to the Democrats and ensuring a liberal redistricting in the battleground state.

This is all politics. Party changes, redistricting... what is going to change?

Time will tell. If the Tea Party can gain momentum heading into 2012, force the GOP back to the Reagan Right, and effect fundamental policy changes against the Federal Reserve and liberal regulation of industry, we may have a fighting chance. The outcome of the 2010 election needs to NOT be about party politics. It needs to be about TEA Party politics - where libertarian ideals are mainstream and we put forward an agenda that is the best of what liberty minded Pols from both sides of the aisle have to offer.

THIS is the chance to heal the divide in this nation, under conservative LIBERTARIAN leadership. Repeal the Patriot Act from the GOP side of the aisle. Audit the Federal Reserve from the GOP side of the aisle. End the war on drugs, eliminate tax loopholes and implement either a flat tax or a zero deduction progressive flat tax - simplifying the tax code to a single page and effectively eliminating the IRS.

What about blowback?

If 2010 was a referendum on Obama, 2012 is going to be a referendum on the Tea Party victories of 2010. Unfortunately, should we win the Senate AND House in two weeks, any good that comes of it is most likely going to be claimed by Obama, and much like Clinton claiming a second term, Obama could find himself as the beneficiary of the 2010 elections. If the GOP, however, follows the advice of outgoing senators and continues the status quo, the GOP will cease to exist as a viable party.

We need to set clear goals, publicly check off our goals as we succeed, and ensure that the credit lies with the movement and NOT with the president or the parties. We need to push for a Democratic challenger to Obama and serve up some very impressive alternatives to Obama (NOT Bob Dole!!!!!)


  1. The Tea Party movement doesn't just need to be the driving force in this election - it needs to continue in an even more strident fashion after the election. Even if by some impossible miracle the Republicans were to win a super-majority in both the House and Senate, we need to re-double our efforts to hold the collective feet of these bastards to the fire.

    I'll be wholly honest with you: The Republicans do not deserve this second chance they are being given. It is a grand testament to just how much the Obama and the rest of his liberal spam-monkey democrat party cohorts suck that they have managed to make the Republicans look responsible in comparison.

    If the Republicans are stupid enough to think that an electoral referendum that surpasses the election results of 1994 is going to make the likes of Dr. Utopia moderate and go center-right, then they will have demonstrated that they are more naive than they appear.

    Even if the Republicans were to do everything in their power to hobble Zero's entire administration and fight with every fiber of their being to undermine each dollar he wants to waste - they wouldn't be doing enough.

    This has to be nothing less than a street fight.

  2. Patzer - Funny that you should post that comment regarding a continued push. I was deep in the middle of my latest post on that very subject! great minds! I guess there is much anxiety over how well our insurgent forces will be able to control once they are in, and how effective our ground forces are going to be heading into 2012! It needs to be so much MORE than a street fight to really get these things done!

    My next article outlines how we can correct the track we're on, eliminate the entire national debt in 8 years, and drastically draw down the size ans scope of the Federal government. The states need to step up, but mostly the Fed Gov needs to step down!