Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama and ICE Officials REFUSE to Uphold Federal Law

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Officials have stated that they will "not necessarily" process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona. Instead, Obama and his legal team are investigating Arizona and Arizona Officials for breaches of Civil Liberties. Protect the law breakers while attacking the law enforcers - Change, indeed!

These ICE officials are on the federal payroll, being paid OUR TAX DOLLARS to perform a job function with the specific job description of dealing with those further detained for immigrations and customs violations. Their neglect to perform their job function is political partisan hackery, and is malicious in nature toward a sovereign state.

The simple fact is this - Arizona did NOTHING more than adopt federal law into state law, allowing the state level agencies to enforce federal laws where federal officials are lacking (slacking). In doing so, Arizona has caused the true colors of the Obama white house to come out with regards to border enforcement - CANARY YELLOW!

EVERY OTHER COUNTRY in the WORLD seems to understand the importance of protecting their borders, and that the freedoms and benefits of their country won't continue to exist without the political cohesion that only borders can provide.

The Federal Government not only is derelict in their duties, they are actively and openly attacking a sovereign state. Is THIS the last straw? How far must they go before we announce that the Federal Government no longer has authority to make ANY decision for ANY state or free citizen? Do we wait until they roll tanks up to the AZ Capitol? Do we wait until they send US troops from 'Northern Command' to pacify the state troopers and city officers enforcing the border laws?

Where is our Sumter?


  1. Former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano petitioned the Federal Government to reimburse billions of dollars they owe to Arizona for the illegal alien situation. Now as part of the regime of barack hussein obama, she instructs the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement NOT to accept illegal aliens brought to them.

    The obama regime needs to be replaced and that will begin in November.

  2. "Whenever legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience."

    John Locke, 1690

    Our founders believed this, and yet we allow our legislature to permit our property to be overrun, stolen, and destroyed. As you ask, what more will it take?

  3. Great post, as usual. I just love how the elected officials only follow the laws if they want to. Yet, they will persecute the heck out of us for the slightest violations.

  4. Liberals embrace illegal immigration in the United States because it plays into their political and personal obsession with race. Illegals by nature are the perfect societal group for liberals to use because the illegal nature of their residence forces them to shun open contact with most law-abiding citizens (This is often referred to as living in the shadows). This makes them more likely to remain isolated and hence uneducated - unable to do most jobs past manual labor. It also makes them far less likely to learn English and embrace American individuality and culture.

    Democrats and liberals do not care about illegals past their ability to treat them not as individuals - but rather as a group of cattle that they alone can cull and herd as they see fit. It is the same modus operandi liberals have used to justify their treatment of blacks for generations.

    Look at their reaction to Arizona. The state was fit to be tied with the crime and excessive drain on their monetary resources brought about by illegals. The moment they stood up for themselves and placed the rights of American taxpayers over the rights of illegals - the left took a collective dump in their skirts and ran around in circles calling the American tax-payers of Arizona racist.

    Liberals want to breed a permanent underclass that is hostile towards whites and American culture while making them dependent on government subsidies to survive...all so gutless, guilt-ridden pasty-white liberals will have a rock-solid base to pander to and mold to their political vision.