Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Shall NEVER Surrender My Freedom of Speech!

Man should not fear his fellow man for freely expressing dissenting views, alternate views, or for simply creating that which another cannot understand. Let man live in peace with his fellow man, and leave judgement for the Creator!
I hereby stand in defiance of fear, and submit to you a creation of my imagination, brought to you by way of my inALIENable right to free speech!
Created in solidarity for 'Everyone Draw M'hemd Day' - may we all live in peace and end extreme religious inquisitions!


  1. God Bless America. Long live free speech!

  2. Our freedom of speech does not end at another's freedom of religious practice! VIVA LA LIBERTE D'ESPRESSION!! (Oh and thank you for using the term INalienable, instead of the so often used (and wrong) UNalienable)

  3. Lillian - I use the correct term because I know my historical documents :) That being said, thanks for the support!

    Opus - Amen!

  4. What Opus & Lillian said ... +1.

    The moment we give up our God-given right to free speech, is the moment we no longer deserve it; a right unused is a right surrendered.