Friday, May 7, 2010

Fiat Currency, Greece, and the Dow Jones Mishap - Connection?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average took a 1000 point dive on Thursday as stock prices from stable companies began trading at pennies, an event that triggered a massive sell-off blamed on the Greek Monetary Crisis. The two stories seem related, however, I believe that something much grander occurred - such a dip could produce an enormous transfer of wealth, should one be expecting it.

On the same day that the International Monetary Fund swooped in to bail out Greece to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, a simple typo caused the single largest daily net loss for the DJIA, a fall back beneath 10,000 - nearly 10% of the total DJIA value... and all within thirty minutes. Seem suspicious to anyone else? Let me be more clear - a well placed investment of a few hundred million could have siphoned a few hundred billion dollars from the market if THEY KNEW there would be such a sharp and drastic drop in market value.

That's right - a potential robbery of a few hundred billion dollars from the free market - seemingly legitimate to the untrained eye.

What happened today was a slight of hand, a trick played amongst a group of bankers running the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund in order to 'create a bubble of wealth' using their system of Fiat Currency rules in order to spread that false wealth to a government who has no tangible wealth remaining.

If it is still unclear, I will make it simpler. There is no standard of wealth against which ANY world currency is measured, only soft currencies based on credit agreements amongst banks. Wealth is not measured in tangible assets, the money itself has no intrinsic value. Governments are in debt, not to the people or necessarily to other countries, rather TO THE BANKS. The same banks responsible for printing paper money are the same carriers of all the world's debt - a debt that is paid back to a group of individuals who have stacked the international monetary policy to their favor for the purpose of POWER. Where wealth cannot be created, there are simple rules to our system allowing it to be skimmed. Such an event can occur when a value of something increases - but that requires tangible assets and those willing to part with them... then there is a skim by wealth transfer. When an investor banks on a market collapse, investments can be made to corral the monies being shed by the market - a sort of siphoning from the market. Nothing had to be created or destroyed, but the potential for a MAJOR monetary transfer mysteriously materialized at the time when the IMF and economic overlords needed it to occur.

The problem with false wealth is that WE THE PEOPLE have no control over our own securities... there is nothing tangible to back up our wealth, more accurately our 'sense' of wealth... The bank vaults are empty. And as this Greek event took place, Portugal seemed on the verge of a similar collapse - along with California and a few other US states. The collapse of the entire economic structure, bridled with slight-of-hand wealth transfers... something big is going on - a fire on the horizon - and we the people are going to be left sweeping ash from the streets!

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