Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rise of the Liberty Republican

What has happened to The New Conservative?

My recent lack of existence in the blogging world has nothing to do with the struggle in which we find ourselves politically, nor does it have anything to do with my perception of the progress or outcome of any of our struggles.

What it does have to do with is my recent relocation from Colorado to Washington State. In May, I was offered a promotion within my company to relocate from the Centennial State to the Evergreen State. Since the Pacific Northwest was my home for so many years, and most of my immediate family remains in the area, it only made sense that I relocate myself and my family closer to the relatives.

As such, I have been largely without free time, largely without “me time”, and largely without constant access to the internet… and thus my blog has been put on the back burner.

Once we are settled in to a new home, and once I can ensure that my family is safe and secure, I can focus my energies outward once again – this time bringing the fight to Washington State Liberals who make those in Colorado seem like amateurs!

In the mean time, I will fill you in on a little of what is to come.

I will be ending the theme of “The New Conservative”… it is too soft. I am going to up the ante on my brand name to match the theme of my entries of late – Libertarianism within the Republican Party… It is truly the only way to differentiate ourselves from the hypocritical politicians claiming to champion the cause of liberty, but do so by growing the government… This concept is lunacy, and it can no longer be lightly treaded upon…

Therefore, I will begin making changes to the look and feel of the website – changing the name to “The Liberty Republican”. I have long been a Libertarian, and my affiliation with the GOP Platform has been loose. My involvement within the party has always been with intent to strengthen the party by returning to core values which defined the GOP of Goldwater, and slightly less so (but equally important) of Reagan. We need to focus on getting the “government” OUT of government… returning the government to the people… returning our liberties, our freedom, our lives to US… we can be the party that delivers this nation out of governmental bondage… we can lead… but we must be bold, we must be strong… that is why The New Conservative is The Liberty Republican!


  1. Looks good - sounds good. Good luck in your new life/job etc, and I look forward to future posts.

    And small-L libertarian? Yeah, me too.

  2. Thanks Rev! Things are beginning to settle a little bit. We will really be settled once we can close our home in CO and get moved into a home here in WA.

    I am looking forward to future posts, and getting my head back into the game. A lot has changed for me over the past few months, so once I take stock of it all I will be more than ready to hit 'em hard!

    Always been small L libertarian - especially watching the GOP run off course over and over... Sticking to the basics is never a bad game plan!