Thursday, July 23, 2009

…and the Home of the Slaves

I was greeted this morning by a wonderful oration by Minn. Rep. Michele Bachmann from the House Floor back in June. This four minute clip covers the fundamentals of the new philosophy of government – the American people exist at the pleasure of the Government.

Echoing the concerns of Rep. Bachmann, I simply ask you, what liberty is there when you cannot freely pursue happiness? That simple right which was acknowledged by our founding fathers as inalienable has been revoked by the government for the purpose of continuing the growth of an infinitely powerful ruling structure.

Where once we were the land of the free, America has quickly become solidified as the home of the slaves. Slaves, we have become, to our ruling class… to a power structure that is growing so large and far reaching that our very livelihood depends on humbling yourself before them, begging to continue your line of work which has sustained your family for generations. We are left pleading for the government to allow us to do a job.

Without paying taxes to the government, you are forced from your land. Without work, you are unable to pay taxes. Without approval from the government, you are unable to work.

The structure of our society is one that no longer supports happiness. It is one that no longer endorses freedom. Freedom, in the mind of our government, is nothing more than orderly consumption of material goods and an abiding devotion to providing labor per your ability. We are free to work in accordance with the government’s social plan.

I ask you… how free will our country be when we overwhelmingly begin to reject this structure currently being forced upon us? When the streets are lined with bodies of the dead, for they no longer were needed for the government’s plan… or their removal after a forced uprising…

The structure is in place. Big brother is truly watching. The heavy hand of the government is upon us. Futile attempts to resist will be met with overwhelming force.

Welcome to America. Enjoy your slavery!


  1. Whoa. That was one of the most powerful indictments yet of this criminal administration. I will put this on my blog. Probably tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Did I say I LOVE Bachman? She ROCKS!

  3. Thanks... and yes... I was not really aware of her... but I think I will begin to look at her a little more... she seems to be saying the right things... wonder if she has the right stuff!

  4. This has GOT to be a felony and a a case of bribary. If McCain had done this, they would have him in prison like Duke Cunningham.

  5. "Who's with us?"