Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Self-Entitlement, Naivete, and Socialism in America

The naivete of youth, when romanticised in tragic Shakespearean poems, is a beautiful thing. However, when that vice is used to radically change a country, leaving behind any semblance of personal liberty, it is disgusting.

I Corinthians: "When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I reasoned like a child, I understood like a child - when I became a man, I put away childish things"

To celebrate support for a massive swell of childish reasoning - the illogic of self-entitlement, that we deserve something because we are, not because of what we have done - that is something I cannot do.

The scholars and philosophers who dreamed up this nation were not men of self-entitlement... they were better men than all of us. They were men who had the ability to reason and use abstract thought when formulating a solution... and they concluded that to be free from tyranny, a man had to be free to own privately, to work without punishment of success, and to actively voice opposition when oppression of his rights were upon him.

The youth of today are irrational. The youth of today are uneducated in truth. The youth of today have undone what free men have given them - with the swift mark of the pen.

Am I disappointed? Obviously. But not because "my man" lost - McCain was no perfect candidate, he was merely a stall in the lurch towards socialism... he would have undone some of Bush's Socialist policy... but it would have been nothing more than a stall for time - for people to get past the pain of Bush, and consider their liberty.

More than disappointment, I am fearful. Fearful of something my democrat wife said to me after I spent 16 hours resolving contested ballots - unable to watch the unfolding going on outside my sound-proof room: He is going to bring Unity.

Unity - at what cost.

Russia was unified under Stalin. Germany was unified under Hitler. Socialists both. (But also authoritarians both... this could be where Obama differs.)

The perception of unity under authoritarian socialism is brought about by enactments of liberty crushing legislation eliminating the ability to speak in opposition, to act in opposition, to exist without fear of oppression. This cost of "Unity" is too high.

Warning signs as the country begins to unfold under Socialist leadership:

1. The Fairness Doctrine - the elimination of the number one source of opposition discussion - call it propaganda, or a collection of free thinkers continually debating the issues and challenging the powers that be - remember, talk radio took on Bush, just as much as Clinton - Over Immigration, Bail-Outs, and even the Patriot Act - Look at Michael Savage. To eliminate the alternate media is to silence the freedom for alternate thinking.

2. National Police Force - Call it what you will (Citizen Security, Community watchmen, etc), a police force answering to the federal government undermines the sovereignty of the individual states. The enactment of such a force would be challenged in the courts, but under a new liberal court, would be held-up on principles of liberal socialism, not constructionist philosophy. Such a force is an authoritarian challenge to freedom and liberty in this country!

3. Government take-over of industry - Thanks Bush... This one is already in the works. Since the bail-out consisted of the Federal Government buying banks, smaller banks are now offering themselves for sale to the Federal Government in order to compete... The Federal Government has eliminated the ability for private banks to compete and succeed. The same is happening to other industries, such as the automakers, who are (as of this morning) lobbying Obama for a similar bail-out. Once the federal government owns the industry sector, we are all employees of the government, and where once the government worked for us, we now work for them!

4. Increased surveillance - from monitoring personal web-browsing habits, to tapping into phones - Big Brother will be watching. As I reported earlier, the infrastructure is in place to conduct constant surveillance of all citizens - and with the creation of the new digital signal in television, there is the ability to conduct constant in-home surveillance as well.

Unity - under fear for our lives - is not Unity at all... we will merely be a heard of sheeple sustaining the powers that be.

Let us hope that as the final ballots are counted, that there is a block of a super majority - our ability to make a legal stand, a procedural stand... And let us hope that the damage can be undone - both the damage from Bush, but also the coming of societal damage from Obama.

Lawyers - sharpen your wits... there should be a flurry of lawsuits against the federal government on the grounds of violating the constitution... Let's be ready!


  1. I feel for my generation like you can't imagine. My first vote was for Mike Huckabee in February, and my second vote was for McCain/Palin last Tuesday.

    I started blogging because I felt like the liberal wing of the democratic party was holding idealism hostage. I for one, realize that there is a difference between right and wrong. I consider myself an idealist, but not in the way that Obama's supporters do.

    I believe in the ideals that the founding fathers found this country on. I believe that this country belongs to the people, and that we are entitled to the God given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I am against absolutism of any kind, whether it is from the government or the private sector. I think that this is the true conservative position, whether Mitt Romney and his tee time pals want to admit it or not.

    Sorry for the rant, but I think it would be helpful for you to realize that not all young people "are irrational and uneducated in truth".

  2. Matt - Painting with a wide brush... not every "youth" is a lost cause, but the generation as a whole is greatly influenced by this ailment!