Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama to McCain: All Your Base Are Belong To Us!

John McCain met with President Elect Barack Obama yesterday in Chicago during Obama's transition. The meeting lasted less than an hour.

The two released a joint statement after the meeting in which they announce "bipartisanship" and the healing that is needed in America - a call that is applauded by the left, but brings into question those of us on the right who remember 8 years of Bush-Bashing hatred dripping from the fangs of the moonbats on the left... Now McCain, the failed "leader" of the Republican Party has secretly met with Obama and surrendered the conservative movement, conservative ideals, and small government ideals in the name of "bipartisanship".

The same ol' McCain - selling the GOP for his own personal sake... McCain/Feingold - an attack on small government 1st amendment rights, born out of the personal finance scandal of McCain... McCain/Kennedy - an attack on American Sovereignty against a massive immigration invasion propelled and funded by Mexico, born out of the left's handbook and embraced by McCain.

This is the reason why I have never liked McCain... he is the embodiment of the RINO - a left of center, left of Bush even, neoconservative - the final nail in the coffin of the beast that grew out of the GOP under the Bush Years... Though my support for him was out of necessity - the lesser of two evils...

I digress...

McCain has surrendered the GOP to Obama. The photo op and joint release was an attempt for McCain to save face - but the conversation was all Obama, and a defeated McCain, for sure.

Obama's message: All Your Base Are Belong To Us!

McCain's response: "Obviously".

Obama followed up with: "You are on the way to destruction - You have no chance to survive Make Your Time... ha ha ha..."

McCain is not our Captain... it is up to us to "take off every Zig"...

Look, McCain - If Obama is "Wrong for America" - if his policies are dangerous for this country, why would you come out and "obviously" support him... why not make a stand for conservative principles and declare that you are going to Fight Obama's radical policy every step of the way - and declare that if you have to, you will be the sole thorn in his side for his ONLY 4 years! Instead, McCain, you cower to him, hoping to gain good graces with an entity that stands to do such damage to this country - more so than his predecessor! This, sir, is why you lost!

Obama's first plan of attack is to override all of Bush's Executive Orders - granted, some are more than worthy of removal... but the lifting of the Offshore Drill Ban by Bush, should it be overruled by Obama, would reverse the trend we have seen in plummeting oil prices - and is the ONLY reason why congress let the congressional ban expire!

Other such executive order reversals and executive orders of his own would indicate that he is claiming a mandate for social policy change - even though the voters overwhelmingly voted down higher taxes and liberal social policy across the board!

Conservatives, in order to fix the problems that Obama is going to cause, and in order to fix the problems that Bush DID cause, we need to dig deep now - take off every zig - and begin a campaign for Conservatism in 2010... We need to send a message to socialist Democrats, as well as socialist RINOs - All OUR base are belong to US!

Tell the new congress, the new senate, and the new (ugh) president that Social Engineering is NOT the role of the Federal Government. Maybe on January 20th we push for a campaign to flood the White House and Capital with millions of copies of the US constitution with the message:



  1. "the lifting of the Offshore Drill Ban by Bush, should it be overruled by Obama, would reverse the trend we have seen in plummeting oil prices"
    That's hilarious! The current low oil prices, especially with tight credit, make it uneconomical to drill for oil anyway.

  2. Well, I think all McCain's base belonged to Obama anyway.

    Palin didn't meet with Obama and declare a truce.

    Palin's base still stands!!


  3. I'm with ye, Steven. I cain't see why anyun who calls hisseff a "conservative" wud-a supported ol' Juan Mequeno. For conservatives, thar were only two real candidates, Chuck Baldwin 'n Bob Barr. I voted fir Baldwin.