Thursday, November 6, 2008

Run on Gun Stores in Wake of Obama Election

Gun Stores across the nation reported surging business yesterday, in the wake of the election of Obama. The sudden demand for certain models, mostly assault rifles, has resulted in a price jump - and many locations are indicating popular AR models being sold out and buyers purchasing on back-order. Sources below:

South Carolina
TN and Texas

This surge, as indicated in whispers around the nation, is - in part - due to the increased tension of some internal conflict within the country. There is an sense of uncertainty, of speculation, and of fear of the unknown - and the private citizens are preparing for the worst.

The other part is, of course, that Obama has openly supported a permanent ban on Assault Rifles - claiming that they "belong on foreign battlefields and not the streets of America." He has openly supported regulations which would move the nation towards eliminating personal defense weapons, and even attacked hunting by supporting "Super Taxes" on ammunition - making it impossible to procure... the same mentality in "bankrupting Coal Companies" applies to bankrupting citizens who want ammunition for their weapons.

Be it either way, the citizenry is arming itself ahead of the unknown. Liberty is not dead yet!


  1. Looks like th' same thang is ohn our minds, Steven. I posted th' followin' entry t'nite, 'fore I saw this here-un-a yirs:

  2. Y'all won't be laffin when them uhbama gives free reign to them there arabs bangin on yir doors--

    In all honesty, I wish I'da thought of it. I just might still grab me a pistol or two.

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