Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Obama - The Inexperienced Foreign Relations Jester

Not a day goes by anymore where Barack Obama is not placing his foot in his mouth on foreign relations issues. And the more it happens, the more you can hear the laughter at the thought of him as President of the United States.

He began by declaring that his first objective as President would be to set up meetings with rulers who have sworn their hatred towards the United States (such as Chavez, Castro, Ahmadenijad, Jung-Il... and the list goes on). The intent of the meetings would be to determine how we could appease their hatred for the US... Worked for Clinton in the 90's in giving North Korea nuclear technology... only took them 10 years to build a nuclear warhead and threaten to launch against US territory or allies.

Then, as if he realized that the crowd was laughing at him, not with him, he came out acting like a war hawk... declaring that he would bomb Pakistan if Musharif would not act swiftly on intelligence to get Bin Laden. Of course this action would surely unseat Musharif, as he barely holds control of his country... and then a new Islamic State of Pakistan would be created in the fashion of Taliban controlled Afghanistan or the Peoples Republic of Iran. Then you could kiss our foothold in the region good-bye, and almost certainly ensure that Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is distributed to Martyrs on the way to America or India or London or... you get the picture...

Now, in an attempt to fling mud in the face of his plummeting poll numbers, he is attacking US troops and great progress in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, the US troops had a swift success in overthrowing the Taliban, and rebuilding the infrastructure... ensuring freedom for women and children... the list goes on... The region is not without it's problems as Al-Queda attempts to resupply the Taliban with the help from Iran, but the country is clearly better off and the people know it, and appreciate the freedom given them.

Barack Obama, in a classic case of "WTF?" said that US troops need to do more than just kill civilians in Afghanistan.

I say to you, Mr Obama, "Mind your words". You are unfit for such a prestigious office, and your recent resorting to "fraternity hazing rituals", as you called it, is evidence enough that you are just not ready for the executive branch of the federal government.

So as the elections inch closer each day, let's not forget to take a second and laugh at the Jack-Ass (Democratic Donkey, if you will) who thinks that the office of the President has no need for reason and logic in foreign affairs... go ahead, point and laugh...

God Bless


  1. Mrt. Obama is a Collectivist. Collectivism measures human value - and non-value - by the group; a system of Marxist humanism.

    Mr. Obama's 'church' requires its members to accept and subscribe to a Black Value System and a Black Liberation Theology - neither of which are Biblical or Christian.

    Christianity is based on Individual Value. Collectivism's group definitions are not Realty-based since there are only Individual persons. 'Groups' are verbal plural forms of convenience - not Reality.
    It historically abuses and destroys individuals wherever applied.

    Read it for yourself at:

  2. Bin Laden dead.. who's the joke now