Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A free people, A limited federal government, A pipedream?

What IS the definition of a free person?

Has freedom in America been reduced to the freedom to select between Comcast or Qwest? McDonalds or Wendy's? K-Mart or Walmart?

Has our freedom been reduced to a limit of consumer choices?

Even with politicians... Which President do you want to buy? The inexperienced African American, the Battle-Ax Ex-First Wife, or the Cross Dressing Mayor from NYC?

Why is it that I hear less and less about local governments? About 18 people vying for the spot of Governor in the state of Colorado?

I will tell you why... The federal government is taking steps to reduce the power of the local and state government, and turn everything (literally) into a federal case. Imagine a federal government that works to limit itself, reducing it's own power back to a more constitutionally appropriate role... and letting the states be free?!?

Imagine if the Federal government said "This is not a federal issue, please handle in the states"... This would take care of marriage, abortion, education, transportation, etc, etc...

If there were no income tax breaks on a federal level, then there would be no marriage tax benefit, and thus no need for the federal government to "recognize" marriage. Families can form within the accordance of the local lifestyle... and what makes sense in San Francisco would not have to make sense in St Louis.

If privacy rights were regulated on a state level, then folks who are pro-abortion or anti-abortion could choose to live within communities or states that felt the same way...

Education would be a local issue... and "My two mommies" would not have to be mandatory classroom study for a Des Moines first grader, as it may be in Seattle or New York.

People live in America because we have the freedom to choose... We choose to live in certain communities because we want a certain lifestyle for our families. Why then is EVERY issue a federal issue? Why is EVERY special interest group pressing a federal agenda? What role does our new federal government play with respect to the constitution?

I will tell you, they overstep the constitution on just about every issue... We are in a constitutional crisis... where our freedoms are being peeled back one by one... and the federal government is to blame. It has made itself an overseer of the people... not a vessel for communication, but for ruling.

So at what point do we, as the last vestige of freedom, say that enough is enough, and demand that the federal government withdraw from the states... limiting itself to it's constitutional boundaries?

My guess is that we will not see an outcry on the level that is needed until it is too late...

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  1. Amen to States' Rights. Why has everyone forgotten that is what this great country was founded on?! On the other hand, the federal government is so large and out of control that I don't even know how we could begin shrinking!