Friday, August 3, 2007

CNN/YouTube Debate, Part II - Republicans

In July, the Democratic Presidential Candidates did their best to answer questions posed by average everyday Americans... and some snowmen. These were questions that had mostly been asked in some form before, but in a very personal way... as if saying, "Hey, I am an American... answer me!"

And on September 17th, the Republicans will have their chance to answer the voting public... or will they?

Recent events have unfolded to the affect that Rudy and Romney have declined to be involved in such a low quality event as having to answer the people of the US directly... Now their response to the declined offer is that of too busy of a schedule for such an event, or that the president shouldn't have to answer questions from "snowmen"... My response is that it is NOT A REAL SNOWMAN! The question was from an American, a person, done in a way to ensure that the question made it onto the debate and was answered.

So what we are seeing is an "elitist" mentality... here are two candidates either not willing to listen to the questions of the masses, or far to superior to answer an animated individual asking a question. The position of the President of the United States must NOT be allowed to be a pillar of elitist rule... it should be an office held by the people, for the people...

To the candidates who are serious about winning the White House, I say to you... Come, let us reason together... We are the citizens of the United States, and we want to talk about your upcoming job...

Rudy and Mitt... your arrogance reflects your unwillingness to reason with the people, or to truly mingle with us "common folk". I, for one, look forward to your absence in the debates... perhaps it will lend itself to more camera and speaking time to candidates who are serious about making a change in America for the better, not marching us down a path to 1984.

God Bless!

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  1. Very disappointed to hear that CNN caved to Rudy's claim that he was "too busy" to be there on September 17th and have now moved it to November 28th ... what a dreadful time for a debate, right between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when people will be paying even less attention then they would in the heat of summer. Of course I still haven't heard who has confirmed for the new date.