Sunday, September 9, 2007

Problems Mount for the GOP in 2008

In 2006, the GOP lost a lot of ground in the Senate, the House, Governorships, Local elections... the list goes on and on. The reason? First and foremost, anything associated with GW (i.e. the war in Iraq) got the opposition out in droves in an off-cycle year. Secondly, though, is corruption in our leadership combined with no motivation to support our leaders...

With leaders like Sen. Craig trying to rebuke his own guilty plea... well, this is going to haunt us as we move ever so closer to 2008.

Perhaps the biggest problem that we are going to face is this: Incumbents usually win seats... so with Republican leaders announcing retirement left and right, as Sen. Hagel did today, it is looking more and more like the GOP is going to have an uphill battle in 2008.

Who do I blame? Well, I blame the conservative base. We have not been vocal and active in our civic leadership, and therefore our leadership has been able to run amok. I blame our party leaders, and our elected officials for bending to the pressures of the lobbyists, the big government industries, and the special interests. I blame our party members, leaders and all, for not recognizing the need to reach out to the younger generation and give the youth a reason to embrace values like personal responsibility, personal freedoms, small government, and an American culture.

In fact, our leadership seems to lack these traits themselves, so it is no wonder that the younger generation is embracing the "if it makes you happy it can't be that bad" lifestyle.

We have leaders who back big oil, and put their friends over loyalty to their country. We have leaders who preach small government but support laws that put the very constitution in jeopardy. We have leaders who are leading our social and moral values the way of the ultra left, and no one willing to stop them.

We have leaders who are living the Democratic Party lifestyle, but being held to Republican standards... at it is tearing the party apart.

The opposition is rallying their base as we speak for the 2008 election... Our candidate is still "Undecided".

What do we stand for? Do we care that this is the moment in history where the United States will be judged... The turning point.

The United States can go one of two ways... a virtually suspended constitution where a ruling class takes complete control of the government, on almost every level, turning the USA into a Federalist Socialist Republic. Or the people can rise up and say NO to a ruling class. Say NO to trampling the constitution. Say NO to a cultural invasion. Say NO to a Federalist centered government continuing to overstep their bounds, continuing a power grab. Say NO to living in a land of the ruled, home of the monitored.

We are at the brink of a civil war. I would actually argue that the war has already begun.

Either we win by solidifying our base... what do we stand for?

Or we lose... and we lose the United States with it...

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