Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tying it all together

Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Bahrain. They are all countries ruled by long term dictators or royalty. They are all currently facing or have had the governments overthrown by protests and/or violent uprisings. Most importantly, however, is that all of these countries, run by despots or otherwise, enforced a secular government where religion could be freely practiced.

Under the guise of democratic uprising, the greater Muslim world is overthrowing moderate secular governments and WILL BE establishing new governments based on enforcing Muslim law. Christians, Jews, Atheists, Buddhists, Hindu, or any other religious denomination in these regions should be fearful. They should worry because a true democracy dictates majority rule. Religious freedoms protected by ‘tyrants’ will no longer be protected by unsympathetic religious heads of state. Churches and homes will be burned, citizens will be stoned... there will be peace – Pax Islama.

NATO leaders are reporting “flickers of Al-Qaida” in the Libyan rebellion. Syria is battling protests by the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt’s opposition leading the protests was the Muslim Brotherhood. In Bahrain the Muslim majority is seeking to overthrow the secular Muslim minority in power. In Yemen, Al Qaida extremists are behind the overthrow of the government.

Once again America finds itself in the middle of a battle it does not understand with an outcome it cannot foresee: The unification of the greater Middle East and North Africa into a Caliphate – reclaiming the lost Muslim territories after the European wars and colonialism. Imagine the strength held by a unified Muslim world. Imagine the eradication of Western Friendly dictators and royalty, the reallocation of their wealth into a Muslim defense account for the protection and rebuilding of a great Muslim nation, and absolute control over the world’s most accessible oil supplies. Such unification would put the governing body into a very powerful position over European and Western powers.

The colonial era served to purposely split the strong empire into feuding sects with a purpose of long term manipulation and control, a policy which has served Western interests for nearly a century. But now the domino effect is taking down leaders, and has the potential to take down borders.

Glenn Beck proposed this ‘wacky’ theory during the Egyptian rebellions, but was laughed at as a loon. But one by one the countries fall under the guise of ‘democracy’... secular nation after secular nation crumbling in favor of Islamic rule. Islamic Democracy will reunite the caliphate territories, and Shariah Law will spread across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Perhaps Beck was right after all. And perhaps America should reconsider our role in these rebellions and conflicts in that region... if they have thought that far ahead at all.


  1. Presupposing deliberative prior thought from our administration? Why, who do you think you are?

  2. The news keeps trying to make it sound like the uprisings are a good thing-- the oppressed peoples of the middle east fighting for democracy.

    Unfortunately, even though their intentions may be good, I'm afraid the dictators will only be replaced with Muslim extremists. The end result will not be a step in the right direction- but ay be one step closer to... (fill in the blank).

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  4. Concerned CitizenApril 4, 2011 at 4:00 AM

    Are you really saying that the dictators currently in power were not extremist muslims? Did Gaddafi not blow up a plane many years ago and only because of the money that we pour in there and the threat of taking him out does he not do anything. The syrian government supports all the great terrorist organizations, hezbollah, hamas.... I would have to say that I really enjoyed your posts previously but have to disagree with the assessment of the middle East. It is a terrorist hot spot for all residing. Was Saddam a terrorist? We put him in power. How about Iran? read "All the Shahs Men" We helped them along. Saudi Arabia (our friend) is one of the largest funders of terrorism.

  5. I was concerned when the US did not throw its support behind Mubarak because of the rebellion's connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The group was only squashed because of Mubarak. Now that seems unlikely.

    It's even worse in Libya, where we risk giving power to a pro-al-Qaeda dictator. I wish the administration had given these issues a little more thought.

  6. This is interesting indeed. I will look into this much more further, thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts:)