Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Obama Fans the Flames - Supports Middle-East Blowback

Barack Obama's handling of the protests in the Middle East has caused US allies to question our alliance, and has placed otherwise stable constitutional countries in jeopardy. The region is in extreme blowback after a decades long policy of puppet regime in the region, and instead of securing interests of the US Empire, our federal government is supporting the rebellion and handing the outer regions of 'Rome' to the hoards.

Tunisia ousted their leader through protest. A strong US ally replaced by an unknown. Protests trickled into Algeria, Libya, and Egypt.

In Egypt, the world watched as one of the strongest US allies in the region was systematically defeated by protesters and backed by radical Islamic groups. What was more troubling was the involvement by the US President in a statement calling for the US ally to step down 'yesterday'. The Egyptian constitution was destroyed and the 30 year president turned power over to the military, leaving a gaping hole in the region's stability.

Sudan recently voted to split into two countries and civil war still rages in that country. The US has done little to secure that region, including a 'hands-off' approach during the genocide in that country over the last decade.

Lebanon has been a mess for years.

Protests have erupted in Jordan, leaving the US ally and King wondering if Obama will soon throw him under the bus to the protesters.

Yemenis have taken to the street looking to oust the US supported government with a potential to repeat Egyptian outcome within months.

The tiny island of Bahrain, home to the US 5th fleet, saw protests turn deadly in the main square, drawing larger crowds... it is only a matter of time before the protests grow further on increasing reports of protester casualties.

The United Arab Emirates has fallen victim to deadly protests, and the people are growing more violent against the harsh treatment of protesters by the government forces.

Iranian opposition leaders have taken the cue and have moved to the streets calling for an ouster of their theocratic regime. Iranian officials are calling for the quick arrest, prosecution, and death sentence for the opposition - kangaroo courts. Clinton and Obama have backed protesters against the Iranian government.

There are wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What we are witness to is the death of the American Empire. Every single one of these countries, excluding Iran, are puppet states of the United States. They served as guaranteed allies in securing the mineral wealth of the oil-rich middle east for the purposes of consumption by the United States. Each of these regimes have been funded and aided by the US and US military, and play a strategic roll in US influence in the world. Losing the ease of dictatorial powers in the region affords a more level playing field by the people of those countries against the US in regional influence... thus affording less control of de-facto US territory... a loss of the territory, really.

With the increase in "Democracy" protests in the region, and the domino effect of collapsing regimes, the make-up of the entire region from North Africa into Persia is on the brink of drastic change. Old alliances are no longer secure. Regional security is no longer certain. Larger scale wars are almost inevitable.

Perhaps Obama's idiocy is his genius. Perhaps the collapse of US backed regimes is the first step in a post-Wilsonian US foreign policy. Maybe his quest for 'democracy by protest' (other than 'democracy by the gun') is the catalyst for decreased US influence and a return to world neutrality. Most likely, however, this has been one giant cluster-F, and Obama has no clue what is happening, what the consequences to our status-quo will be, or how to stop it from spreading beyond the borders of the Islamic world.


  1. Your "most likely" scenario is, I believe, the correct one.

  2. History says that propping up american "friendly" dictators/crazies not only ends in a war against them but also a loss of credibility with the inhabitants underneath. I can't foresee how the opposite could be worse.

  3. I like to bring something to your attention. A good blogger is warning others that president Barack Obama is using proxy companies such as Righthaven to literallly destroy our freedom of speech. BEWARE!! http://thebobofiles.com/2011/02/11/bloggers-beware-free-speech-on-the-internet-is-in-danger/

    Bloggers are being all over the place over TSA photos, and even for quoting from news places affiliated with Righthaven. Your blog may be next so you need to talk about Righthaven.

  4. he does not believe in "blowback" as most politcos in DC and federal LEO do not. Sadly it is considered a "theory" even though it's history is traceable

  5. This Chaos in the Middle East was made by request. To establish a great Israeli state between the Nile and the Firat.