Monday, June 7, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque


  1. It's the most insulting thing I can imagine, and I don't care how many ways they try to give it a positive spin ... it's not possible to put a positive face on it.

    It's a slap in the face to all who were affected by 9/11.

  2. If you'll notice, Pat Condell never ran into any resistance or faced anything less than mindless agreement from fellow atheists until he started directing his invective against Muslims. I always wondered to myself over the years why so many other neo-atheists...primarily directed virtually all of their harshest complaints against religion solely towards Christians. To me, the routine beratement of Christians by he and other outspoken neo-atheists...citing complaints of violence, bigotry or a lack of education despite an overwhelming number of Christians being productive, educated, mainstream and law abiding citizens always rang as being *deliberately* obtuse and hollow in face of "modern" Islam. It seemed to me a rather hilarious act of monumental hypocrisy and stupidity that the most public faces of neo-atheism refused to cite the overwhelming problems and faults that exist in present-day Islam...problems that have not changed for thousands of years.

    It was for that reason that I lumped Mr. Condell in the same category of nee-atheists like Richard Dawkins for years. Now, after having had a chance to review some of his latest material, I still find myself not really liking Mr. Condell - but respecting him a lot more. With this single act of intellectual honesty - I rank him more with Mr. Christopher Hitchens as someone with whom I share a disagreement with - but can still respect and even admire them for applying their beliefs equally despite the oft strict adherence to political correctness employed by most secular leftists.

    On the subject of this video - he was dead-on accurate in both his observations and his reasoning...and I applaud him for it.

  3. This video is horrible hate-filled garbage. The premise of your blog post is even in itself false. The man in the video says that the Mosque is in fact not being built at Ground zero but near the site. Is there supposed to be a buffer zone?

    Is Obama supposed to say how dare you build a mosque "near the site of cround zero where terrorists who happened to by Muslims drove two plains into the twin towers? In that case I guess since George W Bush decided to kill loads of Iraqis with minimal cause and he is a fundamentalist Christian then no Churchs should be built in Baghdad right? I mean its only fair? Bigoted drivel

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  5. "Is there supposed to be a buffer zone?"

    12,000 miles is the recommended minimum.

    Seriously, Muslims have as much business trying to build a mosque within a stones throw of Ground Zero as liberals have lecturing the American public about fiscal responsibility. If you are so genuinely obtuse that you cannot see the obscenity in allowing these filthy, unrepentant, terrorist-condoning bastards to build a symbol of their murderous ideology in our country next to a place where 19 animals who championed their faith murdered thousands of our citizens - then you are hopelessly lost.

    To feel more sympathy towards those who have expressed little to no remorse for their brethrens' Jihadist acts of terrorism, their relentless anti-Americanism, rabid Anti-Semitism and unbridled sexism over the safety and security of law abiding human beings is unforgivable and representative of a mental disorder.

    You - with a worldview 180 degrees out of phase with reality - have no business calling anyone else bigoted, or labeling the opinions of anyone else "hate-filled garbage".

  6. If you think that NOT subscribing to your racist xenophobic and anti-Islamic view of the world makes me mentally unstable and unforgivable as you so eloquently pointed out then I believe that your world view is the one that is skewed.

    I come from Europe. Over the best 10 years public opinion for your former President George W Bush, the so called Leader of the Free World plummeted after his unlawful War in Iraq and general complete idiocy. Americans profess to value free speech but when it comes to Islam (a religion that has probably killed far less people than Christianity) such laws go out the window.

    Your last idiotic and dangerous President ensured all of us in Europe saw America as the laughing stock of the world, but more so than that I pitied the American people for having a man in power who was only fostering and the seeds of Islamic hatred of Americans by invading Iraq.

    Now you have a President who is willing to engage with the Islamic world and drag America out of the gutter but yet still people like you remain who remind the truely free thinking world that America very often fears but rarely tries to understand. I dont hate you because your ex President was a terrorist just as you should respect Muslims even though some have indeed committed horrible atrocities.

  7. Any opinion of George Bush is irrelevant to this discussion. When the terrorists attacked and murdered our citizens, he had not committed any troops overseas or ordered a single act of aggression against a any Muslims anywhere because he was newly elected. Muslims and their insatiable animal natures are completely responsible for the subsequent and wholly justifiable response of my nation. You are attempting to justify the actions these animals by insinuating that the actions of our leadership (which did not exist) warranted the murder of thousands of innocent human beings. That is deranged. Also irrelevant is your mention of Christianity. You should be more attentive to the actions of your own secular backyard, little man. Communists and socialists alike - devout atheists - have murdered more people than even Muslims can compete with. Marxism-Leninism dominated the 20th century, sparked the Cold War, and through political terror and government-made famines and communist labor camps killed more than 100 million people. Lenin and Stalin instituted a system that killed at least 25 million people; Mao Tse-Tung and China? 60 million victims. Pol Pot in Cambodia, 2 million victims. North Korea? 2 million victims. Ethiopia? a mere 725,000. Vietnam, 1.8 million. The list doesn't stop there. Thank GOD that freedom loving people like Pat Condell have the courage to smack his leftist peers upside the head to point out the true nature of Islam from a completely secular point of view. He should know - because he has sat back and witnessed his own country selling its soul in the name of Muslim appeasement. God willing - your nation will not follow their lead.