Thursday, June 24, 2010

Federal Government Boycotting Arizona?

In a move that is telling of the mounting tension between state governments and the federal government, D.C. has entered into the Arizona Boycott by moving events previously set to take place in the state to other regions, as well as recently drawing legal suit against the state. The boycott came as a response to Arizona's law enforcing federal immigration laws - a law made necessary by the federal government's unwillingness to protect the people of Arizona from high crime and property rights violations caused by illegal border crossings into the state from Mexico. The most recent response from the federal government sends a clear message to the states: fall in line or you're on your own.

Well enough. It is of my humblest opinion that each state, in response to this outrageous turn of events by the District of Columbia, should stand in solidarity of sovereignty. Each state, in their own way, should position themselves to live free of federal funding, and eventually free of federal influence. D.C. derives its current power not by the consent of the people, but by the apathy of the people. They use their force against the people by economic pressures. If we understand their strength and deny them that which they use against us, they become powerless to interfere in the true will of the people.

We are on the precipice of something revolutionary - a great struggle for the minds and hearts of the people of this nation. The time is fast approaching where we will have to ask: Do you stand for liberty, or tyranny? There are two Americas, each is mutually exclusive, and neither can exist with the other. One is an America of absolute liberty, the other is one of tyranny. You either believe in the will of the people to live their own lives freely, or believe in offering up liberty for 'protection' and 'management' from on high. Any man who would surrender their freedom willingly deserves the shackles of slavery that are bound to be placed upon him.

Arizona stands at the end of a muzzle whose buttstock is tight in the shoulder of liberal D.C. The finger of the executive is on the trigger. The fate of a nation is in the crosshairs. This stands to be our Sumter - a federal government's aggressive move against a state of this union. Do we raise our hands in defeat, or our fists in defiance?


  1. This issue, along with the attempt to muzzle free speech & "regulate" the internet, seems poised to become the fulcrum. Jennifer III over at "I'll Take Liberty" already thinks the time is here - and for all I know, she may well be right.

    You ask very good questions, sir - I know what I believe; it remains to be seen what our countrymen do (and how many of them are actually awake to the modern dangers).

  2. 知識可以傳授,智慧卻不行。每個人必須成為他自己。.................................................................                           

  3. That is the huge problem we have in our day and age. People cannot see what is really at stake here. I refuse to believe that this is all driven by career progression, but I am an optomist... In a land of lawsuits, is this really what it is going to come down to?

    I really hope not.