Sunday, December 9, 2007

Imagine... Humans on Mars

To my loyal readers, I apologize for the recent bombardment with space exploration topics! I try to keep things changed up and interesting here, but since the debate question aired I have been in a space frenzy.

I created a new video for the Mars Society and wanted some feedback. Check it out, share it, and let me know what you think (either here or on the video itself!).

Thanks! And have a great weekend!


  1. Great video - where do you find the time!? I love the statement "can living on another planet teach us to take care of our own?" Good stuff.

    Tell me about "what if, together..." - in previous postings you have sounded concerned about the space exploration progress of other countries ("the implications of a communist moon landing"). So, are you changing your mind, or are you suggesting different groups with the word "together".

    Now, I am not sure if the cooperation of multiple nations is feasible or even desireable, but I think you statement begs the question. As, as long as I am on the topic, I think that space exploration by other nations has some potential positive consequences. For one, it could spur the US to start setting some goals and devoting resources to our space program. For another, more people working on a problem leads to better potential to generate novel solutions.

    Well, there's my two cents. Keep up the good work!

  2. Dustin, in short, the video was created to reflect the view of the Mars Society, not necessarilly my own. The Mars Society advocates going to Mars as humans without political agenda... so perhaps this could mean working with all space-faring nations. I have not seen anything specific about it, but I know that the Mars Society has members internationally, and at least would consider Europeans and Russian help. Mostly, the Mars Society is calling for private support, but lately they have begun putting pressure on governments to fast-forward their agenda.

    The original intent of "together", in my mind, was a general call to the people to put pressure on the governemnt to not limit the scientific community to the ISS and an eventual moon mission wwhen they get around to it, but to take full advantage of our current technology in an effort to achieve more. Personally, I would be against working with Communist China... however, if an entrepenuerial mind FROM China wanted to help, without influence from or benefit to Communist China, I would not be against that. I support the individual private enterprise...

    And yes, I agree with you... from a purely nationalistic viewpoint, space travel by other nations is positive in that it forces the US to keep up with the Jones'. Unfortunately for us, we are too preoccupied with Iraq, Social Security, Free Government Health Care, etc to consider advances in scientific space exploration. In this case, it is up to the private citizens to fill in the gap.

    How wonderful would it be if the first Human to Mars mission was not from a country, but from the drive and determination of a private organization! It would be a smack in the face to every nation, every government, that "government is not always the answer".

    Regarding the "taking care of our own planet" statement... living on Mars would require 100% recycling, and making resources stretch 2-3 years. Ther eis a potential for breakthrough in "green living" on so many levels. In reality, we cannot begin to comprehend the innovation in having to survive on another world!

    Thanks for commenting! Sorry for my long-winded response!

  3. The world would be much better off if all mouthbreathing conservatives/repugs would leave and live on mars.