Thursday, December 20, 2007

Archbishop of Canterbury: The Nativity is merely a Legend

The Church of England's Archbishop of Canterbury has officially stated that the story of the Nativity is nothing more than a legend, with no facts to support the Magi as kings, the winter Birth, or the Virgin Birth.

He added that Christmas was set in winter because it fit with the traditional Winter Festivals, and that new Christians need not buy into the legends of Christianity to be accepted into the church.

My hat comes off to this man.

Christianity, and the belief in God in general, is not about legends and myths. We should search for the truth in the faith, and restore credibility to faith and religion as a whole.

His speaking out is in direct attack of the commercialization of this religious holiday, that of the imagery of the nativity.

What we should be celebrating is the enlightened compact between the Father and Man, that if we follow in the footsteps of the Savior, we too shall find peace in our hearts, in our souls, and a place in Heaven (or peace in the afterlife... however you choose to look at it).

Thoughts, comments?

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