Monday, March 2, 2015

Considering Bloggosphere Re-entry

Three years is a significant amount of time to remain silent from what was once the centerpiece of my political activity.  In these three years I have officially split with the Republican Party, become the Secretary of a statewide Libertarian party, run a campaign for State Representative as a Libertarian, organized grassroots activities and become the chairman of local commissions and boards.  I have begun writing statewide initiatives and trying to best use my political mind to lead and motivate.  I left the blogging world for reality and have been extremely busy. 

What I have found lacking is a constant and able platform from which I can collect and gather thoughts and put them out for the world to scrutinize.  I return time and again to my blog (which I aptly renamed this morning from the Liberty Republican to the Liberty Sentinel) and feel a certain nostalgia for the maturing of my political philosophy in this public forum.

I will not edit any of my previous posts, nor remove or delete them.  My new readership may read my past thoughts and opinions and learn how the political mind must be able to evolve to adapt to current threats to liberty, and hopefully learn from my example that personal growth and knowledge is the only fuel of freedom.

Do I re-enter the bloggosphere?  Is this my sounding board...


  1. Welcome back, Steven. A mature viewpoint is sorely needed.

  2. You were missed. Like you, changed my party affiliation (Constitution Party) and am no longer a Republican. Welcome back.