Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Would a Paul Presidency Look Like?

Ron Paul earned a solid 22% third place victory in Iowa on January 3rd, but the headlines went directly to a Santorum surge that has arguably been a "no-show" one week later in New Hampshire, where Paul is finishing 7% better than his polling average. Paul finished a very strong second tonight in the Granite State, but already the headlines are reading like a Huntsman/Romney head-to-head heat. Huntsman, of course, is finishing about 22% behind Romney and about 8% behind Ron Paul. And yet the media black-out continues. In fact, when watching the results on FoxNews, any mention of Ron Paul was met with "who will not be the nominee". Romney has had an array of "Not Romney" contenders, but no one has consistently finished stronger than Paul, and no one has the organization and momentum that Paul has after the first two contests. Arguably, after Iowa and New Hampshire it is clear that the true contender to take on Romney is and has been Ron Paul.

Ron Paul polls favorably against Obama in a head-to-head contest. Paul has the youth and Libertarian votes locked up. Paul is a true anti-war candidate, which would make Obama the war-candidate, locking up leftist anti-war support in a general election. Paul is the one candidate who speaks across the spectrum. He fits into no political mold. He is the true Libertarian. In a time when the electorate are so fed up with the status-quo, Ron Paul is the most dangerous man running for the American Presidency - because he will annihilate the status-quo.

Assuming a Paul victory in November, what would America look like on January 21, 2013 and for the first 100 days of his presidency? What about beyond?

Moments after being sworn into office, Ron Paul would issue an executive order repealing the Patriot Act. He would follow that immediately with starting to roll out his Plan to Restore America, his $1 Trillion budget cut, by ordering the systematic closure of several of the Executive Departments of the Federal Government. The restructure of the government would be done in such a way that State Governments and Private Business would be required to immediately step up to take the rolls of those efforts necessary enough to survive the transition - that is right - the free market will eliminate the waste. Within weeks, several US military bases overseas will be targeted for closure as part of a first wave, followed quickly by other waves of foreign base closures. Energy prices would dive, as Paul's America First energy initiative would stop the export of US energy, aiming the US onto a track of self sufficiency, thus putting an end to our dependency on foreign oil, and the need for defense of Middle Eastern oil.

The military would be strengthened by consolidating our currently overstretched resources. The closure of foreign bases and the immediate end to decades long unconstitutional regional wars would free up resources to focus on American infrastructure and defense. The military industrial complex would be slowed to a grinding halt as US involvement in missions like Tomahawk Bombing Libya and Drone attacking civilians in Pakistan would immediately cease. Our global mission would truly go from one of aggression to humanitarianism. Where governments ask us to leave, we would respectfully exit and allow them to handle their own affairs. We would cease to be the police, and once again lead by a strong example of civility and liberty.

The Native Tribes would be cut loose from the racist policies of the Dept. of the Interior, as it would be eliminated. In accordance with Article 1 section 6, treaties made with the native Tribes would finally be upheld, and the Supreme Court ruling of 1982 regarding the Lakotah Sioux would have a chance to be realized. The US would have to face the issue of Reservations and Native land once and for all.

The US monetary system would be transitioned back under the control of the Dept. of the Treasury, thus ending the privately owned National Banking System known as the Federal Reserve. The US dollars would become real money, and our debt would be painfully real - eliminating the annoying ability of Congress to pay off debt with borrowing fake fiat money. The US would experience deflation over time, and the value of the US Dollar (not the Federal Reserve Note) would increase on the strength of our growing economy.

We would see the US debt being paid down. We would see the end to banker-owned Congresses and the era of Bail-outs. In fact, I'm almost willing to bet that Paul goes after the companies who took taxpayer monies with the expectation of collecting those debts and returning the monies. We would see the tax system completely revamped, eliminating loopholes and reducing overall taxes. We would see a bare-boned Federal Government and a rise in the importance of state and regional governments.

A Paul Presidency would be dangerous to the status-quo, which is why paul is feared amongst those in power. It would be a transition toward a smaller federal government and lower regulation of personal affairs (like taking off your shoes to board an airplane). It would be a return to Constitutional sanity... to checks and balances.

It would be the best chance America has to survive another hundred years. It would be the best chance we have to remove the burden of debt from our future generations. It would be an era of a quieter and more competitive America, a renewed era of American Exceptionalism... one of American peace and prosperity... one where America returns as the shiny city on the hill for all the right reasons... one where we are followed out of respect, not followed out of fear.

Am I being overly optimistic? Sure. As a realist I understand that there would be push back from war-hawks in Congress, lobbyists, big labor, etc. The system that has grown too large to fail would fight so very hard to keep the pork barrel full, even if this fat hog was eating the citizens out of house and home.

So the honest answer is that there would be struggle. There would be news stories of doom and gloom as the fat cats began getting isolated and eliminated. There would be a period of struggle and strife as we shake off the dirt and get to work on truly restoring our country. There would be work, transition, and a whole lot of personal responsibility - a broom in every hand to clean up this country!

We just may, through all of this, find ourselves the leaders of the next great generation of Americans.

Of course, this is all only a possibility if Ron Paul is given the fair shake he deserves as a true front runner and presidential contender. A Ron Paul America... can you imagine?


  1. I can imagine it, or so I think. Will it happen?

    I hope so.

  2. Hey, Steven. Long time no post, good to see you back in action!

    Overly optimistic is an understatement. I've come to the conclusion that the inner circles of the parties only differ in extremes, where Democrats want to drive off the cliff at 100 Mph while Republicans are content to tiptoe. Either way - we're circling the drain.

    Even if by divine intervention (and that wouldn't be all that was necessary) Ron Paul managed to win a Presidential election - it would change nothing. In my observation I sincerely doubt that Paul could cope with the shock of winning - because past history has demonstrated that his staying power in an election has been limited. It's sad to say that too much of Ron Paul's support comes from No-War-At-Any-Cost and Pro-Drug Legalization liberals - which is why Paul's polls have always been higher in open-primary states and unscientific internet polls. I work at a company morbidly infected with liberals - and I watched all of these people in plain sight who were spamming the internet and hallways with ads for Ron Paul go full-tilt for Obama overnight the moment Paul dropped out of the race in 2008, and they're all planning to vote for Obama again when a Republican nominee is chosen - even if it's Paul.

    I am all for Constitutional conservatism and limited government, but regardless of who wins the government gets elected. I've seen enough instances where people who try to genuinely make a difference are so badly maligned, impugned and put upon by detractors that they give up. That is why Washington DC is Borg City - because you WILL be assimilated, and change cannot occur from within.

    The change you want cannot come about by peaceful means. We're past the notion now of this being a free country or that the election of any one man - or even an entire party in a sweeping change - makes any difference. For the type of change you are looking for - there has to be a change in either the "Supply" or the "Demand".

    The "Supply" is the physical existence of the government infrastructure and resources - specifically people who run the town. If for example a sudden natural disaster of hit Washington and Heaven forbid wiped out most of the people and physical existence of the very seat of Federal power - there would no longer be a driving force in place to feed the "Demand", hence people would be forced to do what mankind did for tens of thousands of years - work to survive.

    The "Demand" is the pethora of people who depend on government (i.e. Tax-payer money") to survive, eiher by "Entitlement" programs or subsidies. They make up half (maybe even a little more) of the electorate. That means more people are riding in the cart than pulling it, which essentially makes it impossible for the people who are paying the bills to get relief or sympathy from the people who are not. Unless some kind of natural disaster Heaven forbid took out a disperportioanlly high number of the people feeding the government their perpetual power - that "Demand" is only going to continue to grow.

    In other words - we would have to start over and be bold the way the colonialists were when they turned on their former masters and decided to make their own destiny. I just don't think there are enough men left in America with the strength to do what is necessary.

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