Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Patriotism, Love of Liberty is Radical Extremism in America

The Associated Press ran a story picked up by Fox News, reporting on an individual assessment done by the Southern Poverty Law Center which warns that Right Wing Extremism is on the rise... the driving factor for the rise? Hatred of a Black President, or so says the report.

What is equally disturbing is the "lumping" that is taking place... in some cases it is subtle, but the overall intent is not without notice.

The report mentions the "Aztlan" situation - but calls it a conspiracy. Ask anyone vaguely familiar with La Raza (Like our new Justice Sotomayor), and you will surely gain full knowledge of the open plan to recolonize the American Southwest for future desires to break away from the US as Aztlan. Watch the following video... and ask yourself - is this a radical conspiracy made up by Right Wing Extremists or an actual movement?

It goes on to demonize those who dislike paying taxes, those who own or embrace the ownership of "assault rifles", and finally, compares the entire lot to Timothy McVeigh.

There are a few things happening here... It begins by attempting to make your opponent seem illogical - painting them as looney, irrational, and paranoid. Once this is accomplished, the propaganda corps (aka the Media) can use reports such as this to make reference to the paranoia that has been documented by such esteemed groups, such as the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center).

Let me be perfectly clear - there is a smear campaign in full swing. ANY AND ALL opposition to the liberal agenda (and that includes the agenda Bush was pushing too) is being openly condemned as Racist, Hateful, and Un-American. This swarm of attacks by the Government and their lapdog groups, such as the SPLC, is a pre-emptive strike against those who dare to stand up and question the legality, morality, or ideology of the Ruling Class. We are being targeted as radical, and the threat of the full force and might of the US Government is in tow - as was seen when the DHS released their report on "Extremist Groups" back in March/April, allowing "law enforcement" to treat protesters like terrorists.

I am reminded of a statement made by an old professor (not of mine, rather of the recent past):
"death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment" - Robert Maynard Hutchins
It is the return to apathy and indifference that the mainstream figures, and the SPLC, are hoping for. They strive for an unmotivated mass of consumers with no anchor in core fundamental beliefs. They desire the neutering of an activist society, especially one whose idea of liberty differs so vastly from their own. Let there be no mistake - these are nothing more than politically motivated false reports with a clear agenda - an agenda of mass misinformation.

The truth behind the militia movement, the separatist movement, the anti-government movement, or any other "right wing extremist" thought pattern or ideology is simple.

"There was a dream that was [America]... It shall be realized.

Not to romanticise this in any way... but the idea is simple... the hero always fights against the oppressor. When the US government becomes oppressive to her people, trading liberty for security, it is then when a hero is needed. Reagan stated that the most dangerous armament is the will of free men... how prophetic those words!

Questioning our government is never extreme. Preparing for the unknown is never extreme. Dreaming of something more, something that can be... it is never extreme...


  1. I wanna give a couple-a links t' blog entries commentin' ohn iss-here AP article (and certain folk refrinced thar-in) ye've posted:

    This here collaborashun 'twxit SPLC and BATFE ain't surprisin', really. And now that we got us an anti-gun president and Congress, I wuddn't be surprised t' see th' BATFrickers get all uppity agin, like 'ey did durin' Boy Clinton's administrashun. This fellow McEntire is a piece a work, ain't he? Well, a piece a sumthin', anyhow.

    'N it's not jus' ohn th' gun issur-att th' BATFrickers are a-misbehavin'. Here's an article from Chronicles magazine about th' late Tennessee Moonshine Martyr, Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton. Thar's a reference in-iss article t' one Agent James Cavanaugh, of which y'all shud take note:

    Tyranny, plain 'n simple.

    It's true, thar are sum real crazies out thar on both ends-a th' political spectrum, but liberal-lefties 'n they prized jack-booted thugs in orgs like SEIU or Fed'rul agencies like BATFE see a potential dangerous enemy in ANY conservative or libertarian, as ye've noted. Anyone who questions th' gummint or exprsses support fir th' ideals of th' Foundin' Fathers is automatically dubbed a dangerous racist kook, or sumthin' simulur. 'N God hep th' man who ACTUALLY keeps AND BEARS arms. Why, he's a potential assassin:

    In conclusion, these two sayin's retain they truth: 1) People shouldn't fear the government. Government should fear the people; 2) Fear the government that fears your guns.

    It ain't us who are th' extremists. All we want is liberty. It's th' liberal-lefties who want "extreme" gummint who are th' real danger t' America. They ain't fit t' govern.

  2. Snaggle-Tooth JonesAugust 18, 2009 at 9:02 PM

    We'll stick it up their Aztlan.

    Something, maybe, News Blog Gay up above can pleasantly relate to.

  3. Snaggle-Tooth JonesAugust 23, 2009 at 7:44 PM

    "(America) shall be a republic again."

  4. Yes it shall... with a little bit of luck!