Friday, June 6, 2008

Radical Islam's War Against the West

Adolf Hitler knew that if his ideology was to survive beyond his years, he would need to train the next generation... thus was born, the Hitler Youth.

The same tactic is being used across the Muslim world...It is not an ideology that is found only in circles of Islamic Totalitarians, but in the moderate areas as well. It is in schoolbooks, children's shows, even "summer camps". The Radical Muslims have successfully raised a generation of Muslim Youths that would make Hitler blush.

Where the West teaches it's children to love life and respect life, the Muslim World teaches their children to embrace Jihad and give their lives for their god.

An entire generation, ruined. Filled with a hatred that can little be erased. A child is not born with hatred... They must be taught to hate.

The West is inundated with reality television, while the Muslim world is under a barrage of propaganda against freedom and liberty.

To win the war against Islamic Totalitarianism, we must eliminate their ability to fight. The struggle is currently going on inside the hearts and minds of every child in the Muslim world. They are being lied to in TV shows, Schools, and in every facet of their lives. To win, we must stop the message, stop the messenger, and change the way the youth see the US and the West.

The Radicals understand that this is a thousand year war... if we think we can win in 4-5 years, we are gravely mistaken. This is not about Iraq... This is about Islamic Totalitarianism. The threat is real, the fight is real... and with time, it only gets worse.

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